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"Rigdzin Ling is a perfect place for anyone who seeks solitary retreat. The location is quiet, peaceful and very good energy for spiritual cultivation. I highly recommend!"


- Bhiksuni Kalsang


"I can say that my experience there has allowed me the peace and tranquility for enhancing my meditation and study.  The opportunity for solitary time in a supporting community has been especially useful..  For me the gonpa has truly been a very special and blessed environment."


- Ann Gifford


"Rigdzin Ling is a wonderful place to do a spiritual retreat.  The water which flows from the surrounding mountains is pure and nourishing.  The air here is clean and it is a very quiet place that is far removed from the distractions of larger cities. Wildlife is abundant including coyotes, deer, fox, and even bald eagles that like to fly up and down the nearby Trinity River. The cabins are comfortable and offer solitude for those wishing to pursue solitary retreat.  The staff is wonderful!  They always provide me with everything that I need during my retreat, while respecting my privacy in an excellent manner.  I would definitely recommend Rigdzin Ling to anyone who is serious about pursuing spiritual practice in a secluded place."


- Andrew Kerfoot


"Our meditation group had a wonderful retreat at Rigdzin Ling. Situated in the Trinity Alps, we were surrounded by forests and a creek, with one of the wilderness' most spectacular hikes nearby. The house is big, comfortable and clean; the cut flowers from the garden were a lovely touch.  Rigdzin Ling itself is the home of an active Buddhist practice community and we enjoyed the opportunity to participate in their public rituals; as guests, we felt very much supported by the friendly and generous staff in our own retreat.  Within hours of departing, our meditation group started to plan a return visit and we hope to return often."


- Susan Chow





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